Changing The Status Of A Job

This article will help you change the stage jobs. You can Close or deactivate jobs. Tag them as filled etc

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Here's how you can manage the status of each job in Recruit CRM.

Recruit CRM allows you to customize your own job stages.

Here's how you can do it:

Go to Admin Settings --> Job Status and click on Customize to edit your job stages.

You can select the status of any job from the pre-defined list (Open, On Hold, Closed & Cancelled).

  • Open indicates the jobs that are currently Active.

  • Closed indicates the jobs that are Inactive.

  • Rest all other custom statuses will be treated as Active.

All the jobs where the status is NOT "CLOSED" are considered as "Active jobs, provided you have the Job Application Form Link "Enabled". Those jobs will be automatically posted on free job boards like ZipRecruiter, Neuvoo, CareerJet, JobRapido etc.
Here you can read more about how it works!

You can see all your jobs here.

Follow the below-given steps to change the job status:

  • Go to any job from the list

  • Click on the job status button (beside the name)

  • Select any status from the drop-down and add a remark (if any)

  • Don't forget to hit "Submit" to save the changes

You will see all your jobs on the jobs list page. You can use the "Quick View" button to see all jobs with other status.

That's about it!

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