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Kanban View for Jobs in Recruit CRM
Kanban View for Jobs in Recruit CRM

This article will help you understand the Kanban View feature in the Jobs section.

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With our Job Kanban View, see all of your jobs under different statuses across the Kanban, making it easier to manage and keep track of each one.

Click on the Kanban View button at the top of your jobs list to switch to Kanban View. The Kanban View categorizes jobs based on the job statuses, and you can drag and drop jobs to move them among the different statuses.

You can perform bulk actions on the Kanban View by selecting multiple jobs at once. Here's how you can do this:

1. To select all the jobs in a job status, click on the checkbox on the left of the status name.

2. To select jobs across multiple statuses, hover your cursor over the targetted jobs and you'll see a checkbox on the top left corner of the job card.

Hit the checkbox to select the jobs to perform bulk actions on all at once. (For instance, add jobs to a hotlist.)

Perform specific actions on an individual job by clicking on the ellipses button on the job card. These actions include assigning candidates to the job, emailing job contacts, adding notes, tasks, and meetings to a job, and adding the job to hotlists.

You can also see the "candidates pipeline" for a job by clicking on the "View Candidates" option on the dropdown that appears.

Hope this helps in managing your jobs better and streamlining the workflow!

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