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Kanban view for Contacts

Easily manage and keep track of all your contacts under different stages.

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You can click on the Kanban View button at the top of your contacts list to switch to Kanban View.

It categorizes contacts based on the contact stages. You can drag and drop contacts to move them among the different stages.

You can select which stages should be visible on the Kanban board by hitting the "Showing X/Y Stages" button on the top of the screen.

You can also use the "Filter Contacts" option to filter contacts based on owners and companies.

Bulk-selecting contacts in the Kanban view

You can perform bulk actions on the Kanban View by selecting multiple contacts at once.

1. To bulk-select contacts in a stage, click on the checkbox on the left of the stage name.

2. To select contacts across multiple stages, hover your cursor over the targetted contacts and you'll see a checkbox on the top left corner of the contact card.

3. You can also perform actions on individual contacts without opening the detailed view by clicking on the ellipses button on the contact card.

Hope this helps :)

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