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Re-pitch candidates to contacts
Re-pitch candidates to contacts

This article will help you keep track of all your candidate pitches.

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Learn to manage and track your candidate pitches, streamlining your process of pitching candidates multiple times to the same contact.

How to re-pitch candidates to contacts

1. On the Candidates List view, select the candidates you would like to pitch and click on the "Pitch Candidate" button.

2. Select the contacts you would like to pitch your candidates to and click on "Mark Candidates As Pitched" (for internal tracking) or "Select Fields & Email Contacts" (to send the selected candidates to your client).

3. If the candidates you’ve selected have already been pitched in the past to the same contact, you'll receive a message prompting you to ensure that you would like to re-pitch those candidates.

4. Click yes to continue.

How to track your pitches

You can track the pitches on both candidates' and contacts' profiles.

On the candidate's profile, under the "Contact(s) Pitched" tab, you'll be able to see all contacts the candidates have been pitched to and the user who made the pitch as well.

The system will show you the most recent pitch made. You'll see all the past pitches once you click on the dropdown arrow.

The same goes for the contact’s profile:

While generating a Team Performance Report, the number of times a candidate has been pitched to the same contact will be considered in the report, so that you can keep track of how many times you’ve re-pitched the candidate to the same contact.

Hope this helps :)

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