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How to link a candidate to their current organization
How to link a candidate to their current organization

You can associate a company in your database with a candidate using the current organization field

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This is how you can manage the relationship between candidates and their current organizations and easily update a candidate's profile after being placed in a company.

Linking candidate's current organization with their profile

The Current Organization field won't be filled automatically for old candidates in the database, you will need to manually update the field with the companies.

There are four main ways to add a candidate's current organization:

1. Through the add/edit form

You'll find the Current Organization field under Employment Information while adding/editing a candidate.

You can search for an existing company or add a new one directly from the search:

You might have to make the Current Organization field visible first. Here's how you can do this.

2. Through the candidate profile view

You can add the Current Organization field but hovering over a field you'd wish to replace and selecting the pencil icon.

3. Updating current organization field in bulk

Select the candidates you would like to update and click on the "Update Field" option on the top. You can then choose which field you would like to update and the Current Organization from the dropdown.

💡Pro tip: You can use the Advanced Search to filter candidates that have the Current Organization field as "Not Available".

4. After placing a candidate

When moving a candidate to the hiring stage "Placed", you'll get the option to also update their current organization based on the company that's linked to the job.

5. Through the Chrome Extension

In the case of the Chrome Extension, the candidate's current organization will be added as a company in Recruit CRM every time a candidate is added and the company is not present in the database.

If you don't want the candidate's current organization to be added to your database while sourcing candidates through LinkedIn, you can disable the feature in the Account Settings:

Only the account owner will be able to manage the settings.

When a new candidate is added to the database, if the current organization is available and the same organization is present in the database, the candidate will be automatically associated with the current organization based on the company’s.

If we are unable to match the candidate to a company it will simply be stored as plain text.

How to access the list of all candidates currently employed with an organization?

Inside the candidate's profile, click on the Current Organization to be redirected to the company's profile page. Once there, scroll down and select the "Candidates Employed" tab to see all the candidates who currently work for this company.

Inside this tab, you'll be able to perform bulk actions, hide specific fields, and run an Advanced Search.

Hope this helps!​

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