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Managing Off-Limits Records (Candidates, Companies, and Contacts)
Managing Off-Limits Records (Candidates, Companies, and Contacts)

This article explains how to tag candidates/contacts/companies as "off limits" to prevent communicating with them by mistake.

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This feature is currently in beta version and will be gradually rolled out to all users over the next 1-2 months.

You can easily mark records (candidates, contacts, or companies) as "off limits" in your database to ensure kept separate from active records and to prevent accidental contact.

Please note that this feature is an upgrade to the "Mark Candidates as Unavailable" feature to help you manage unavailable candidates with more customization options.

Rest assured that all candidates you've previously marked as unavailable in your system will automatically be set as off-limits in the "Unavailable" status.

How to mark records as off-limits❓

1. Navigate inside the profile of any record (candidates, contacts, or companies), click on the three-dot button, and then click on "Mark as Off-limits":

2. Once you're inside the off-limits pop-up window, you can choose the status to assign to the record, the timeframe for keeping the record off-limits, and specify the reason.

When setting companies as off-limits, you also have the option to mark the associated contacts or candidates off-limits.

3. Another way to mark records as off-limits is by selecting multiple records in bulk.

To do this, go to the list page of the records, select them in bulk, and then click on the "Off-Limits" button. Follow the same process to mark them as off-limits:

Whenever a record is set as to off-limits, they will appear with a tag next to their profile picture:

Follow the steps below to customize the tags 👇

Setting up custom off-limits status ⭕️

Here's how you can create customized off-limits statuses, which can serve as tags or reasons for marking candidates as "off-limits":

1. Navigate to your admin settings and click on "Off-Limit Status".

2. Click on the "Customize" button:

3. To add new off-limits statuses, simply click on "Add new status".

You can choose a specific color for the tag by selecting "Select color", and if you want to make it the default, just click on "Default":

4. Now hit the "Save Status" button to confirm the statuses you've added.

How to find your off-limits candidates 🕵️

To find all of your off-limits records, navigate to your Quickview and click on "Off-Limit Candidates/Contacts/Companies":

Records that have been marked as off-limits will also display a tag under their profile, and you will also have the ability to:

  • View the off-limits history of the record

  • Update the off-limits setup for that record

  • Remove off-limits from that record

And that's it! You can now start marking your records as off-limits.

Hope this helps!

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