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How do I Edit/Rename/Delete my hotlists?
How do I Edit/Rename/Delete my hotlists?

This article will help you work with hotlists in Recruit CRM and also show you how to perform different actions on your hotlists.

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 All your Hotlists are just a click away :)

You can access all your hotlists under each record type (Candidates/Companies/Contacts/Jobs) by clicking on "Quick View" icon.

This is how your list of hotlists will look like:

You can perform the following actions on the candidates in a hotlist:

  1. Bulk Actions (Assign to Job(s)/Send Mail Merged Emails/Add Notes/Update Fields etc.) on selected (ticked) candidates from any Hotlist.

      - You can select a bunch of candidates from any hotlist and select appropriate action from the above tabs.
      - You can Assign them to Job(s), Ask to update their profile in Recruit CRM, Send them email, Add notes and Update data field.

2. Adding candidates to a Hotlist
      - Tick/Select candidates that you want to add to a hotlist.

      - You can then select an existing hotlist or create a new one

3. Removing candidates from a Hotlist
      - Select candidates which you want to remove from current hotlist

4. Exporting Candidates To a CSV/Spreadsheet/Excel Sheet
      - You can export all candidates on any hotlist to a CSV spreadsheet

5. Deleting candidates from your database (Not Recommended!)
      - If you wish to delete candidates from your database, you can delete them from inside a hotlist as well.
      - Once you delete any candidates though they will be permanently deleted from your database.

Also, If you wish to Rename an existing hotlist, you can change the name of your hotlist with the below steps:
      - Click on the blue "View/Edit Candidate Hotlists" button inside your "Quick View"
      - Click on the Pencil Icon to rename your Hotlist
      - Rename the Hotlist

Hope this article helped!

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