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Adding job requisitions on the Hiring Manager Portal
Adding job requisitions on the Hiring Manager Portal

Learn how to make job requisitions for your recruitment team!

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How to make job requisitions on the Hiring Manager Portal?

1. Navigate to your job's list page and click on the blue 'Job Requisition' button.

2. Provide all necessary job details in the respective fields and then proceed by clicking on the 'Save' button to submit your requisition.

Different status of your job requisition! 🪜

1. Pending 🟡

After you've submitted your job requisition, it enters the 'Pending' status, indicating that it's awaiting review and processing. Simultaneously, your designated recruiter will be promptly notified via email about the new requisition you've initiated.

2. Approved status ✅

Following approval by your recruiter, your job requisition transitions to the 'Approved' stage, signifying readiness for the subsequent phases of the hiring process.

Click on the approved job to access the 'Candidate Pipeline', providing visibility into the candidates being considered, as your recruiters work on filling the position.

3. Declined status ❌

If your job requisition gets declined by your recruitment team, it will be categorized under the 'Rejected' status, and on the 'All Jobs' page, you'll have access to view the remarks provided by your recruiter regarding the decline of that specific job.

With this information at hand, you can then refine and enhance your job requisition, ensuring a better chance of approval upon resubmission.

You will get an in-app as well as email notification whenever your job requisition undergoes approval or is declined by your assigned recruiter.

We hope this helps!

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