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Receive job requisitions on Recruit CRM from your hiring managers
Receive job requisitions on Recruit CRM from your hiring managers

Easily receive job requisition in Recruit CRM your hiring managers!

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One key aspect that significantly impacts the efficiency of the recruitment process is the seamless transmission of job requisitions from hiring managers to recruiters.

With our Hiring Manager Portal, you can receive job requisitions from your hiring managers directly in Recruit CRM, ensuring accuracy and timely action on every hiring need.

Managing job requisitions received in Recruit CRM

As you navigate to your jobs list page, you'll find a tab labeled "Job Requisitions".

Within this tab, you'll see a list of all job requisitions submitted by your hiring managers through the Hiring Manager Portal.

The user to whom a job requisition has been made by the hiring manager will receive an email notification of it.

Actions that can be performed on the job requisitions received from your clients 🖇️

1. Approve a job ✅

If you're satisfied that all essential information is present and you're ready to proceed to work on a job, simply click on the 'Tick' icon to approve it.

Once approved, you'll be presented with the option to either add the job as a completely new entry in your database or to map it with an existing job already in your system.

While mapping, if you want to override the details of your existing job with the newly approved job, check the 'Do you want to override the current job with shared job details?' option located at the bottom.

Once you approve and add that job in Recruit CRM, you can start working on that job.

2. Decline a job ❌

Declining a job shares similarities with deleting it, but there are instances where it's essential to provide a reason, such as when crucial information is missing or further clarification is needed.

In such cases, you can click on the 'x' icon to decline the job and have the option to include remarks along with the decline, facilitating clear communication with the hiring manager.

3. Delete a job 🚮

If you've decided that you do not want to work on a specific job, then click on the 'Trash' icon to remove the job from your Jobs Requisitions list.

We hope this helps!

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