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Signing up on the Hiring Manager Portal
Signing up on the Hiring Manager Portal

This article will help you sign up on the Hiring Manager Portal.

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To sign up for the Hiring Manager Portal, your recruiter must add you with your email ID as a primary or secondary contact for the job in Recruit CRM. This measure ensures that only authorized individuals have access to the portal.

How to sign up on the Hiring Manager Portal?

1. Once you receive the Online Candidate List from your recruiting partner, you'll see an option labeled "View in Portal."

2. When you click on this option, it will seamlessly redirect you to the Hiring Manager Portal sign-up page if you haven't already signed up.

3. If the Hiring Manager Portal detects that you are already logged in, then it will redirect you directly to the Candidate Kanban view within the Portal.

4. On both the Kanban and List views of the portal, you have the option to provide feedback. You can easily change the hiring stages, include remarks as needed, and also view the remarks your teammates have added.

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