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Bulk export files for candidates
Bulk export files for candidates

This article will help you bulk export resumes, job associated files, custom field files and all files at once.

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Exporting candidate files in bulk is easy! Follow the steps mentioned below to export your files.

1. Head over to the candidates list page and bulk-select the records that you want to export the files for using the checkboxes to the left of the ID column. Use the 'Select 1000 records' button to select more than 25 records at once.

2. Click on the export icon.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up to find the 'File Fields' section and select the files you want to export.

Under the 'File Fields' you'll see:

  • All Files - This includes all the files under the 'Files' section in the candidate's profile. This may include all their resumes, custom field files, job-associated fields, and profile pictures.

  • Resume - This will export all the files currently under the standard 'Resume' field for candidates.

  • Job Associated Files - These are the file-type fields specific to jobs, that can be added to the job application form, such as cover letters.

  • Individual custom fields - In addition to all the fields mentioned above, you will be able to access all the file-type custom fields here.

4. Hit the 'Export' button and the following toast message will appear:

5. Once the files are ready, you will receive an in-app notification.

6. The files will be sent to you over an email with the link to download the files.


1. The link to download the exported files expires in 7 days, thus, please make sure you download the files before the expiry.

2. You can bulk export 1000 files at a time. In case you select more than 1000 records to export files, the files for only the first 1000 candidates will be exported.

Hope this helps :)

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