Exporting Data To Excel/CSV

How to export records? (Candidates, Clients, Jobs & Companies) to Excel files, CSV.

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Note: Only Account Owners & Admins are authorized to export data.

Exporting data is very straight forward in Recruit CRM. The method of exporting data for Candidates/Contacts/Companies/Job records is the same for all! See below the lists that can be exported into a CSV

From the list pages of any record type, for a specific list/search result/hotlist

  • Go to list view on the desired record

  • Select a desired list that you want to export

  • Click on "Export to CSV" button

  • Choose fields that you want to have in the exported sheet

  • Hit "Export to CSV" button to download the file

The GIF below explains how you can export selected candidates/contacts to CSV/Excel. 

Steps to be followed while exporting data from Reports:

  • Choose a report you want to export

  • Select parameters to generate the report

  • Once the report is ready, click on "Export Report to CSV" button

The GIF below explains how you can export a report to CSV/Excel. 

PS: The account owner can also export

That's all! 

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