Exporting Data To Excel/CSV

Learn how to export candidate, contact, job, company & Deal records to CSV/Excel files.

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It's worth noting that:

1. Only the Account Owner and Admins can export data.

2. The method of exporting data for all entities is the same.

How to export records from the list pages? 📋

1. Navigate to the list page of your desired entity.

2. Select the number of records that you want to export.

3. Click on the "Export" button from the top header bar:

4. Choose fields that you want to have in the exported sheet and hit the "Export" button to download the file:

The GIF below explains how you can export the selected records to CSV/Excel:

How to export data from Reports? 📊

1. Navigate to the Reports section and select a report you wish to generate:

2. Select the parameters i.e. KPIs, time frame, teammates, etc, and generate a report:

3. Once the report is generated, click on the "Export Report to CSV" button to download the tabular data of the report:

4. Additionally, each bar on the chart is clickable and will direct you to a detailed list of data. You can also export this data by clicking the "Export to CSV" button located on the header bar:

Hope this helps!

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