Exporting Data To Excel/CSV

How to export records? (Candidates, Clients, Jobs & Companies) to Excel files, CSV.

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Note: Only Account Owners & Admins are authorized to export data.

Exporting data is very straightforward in Recruit CRM. The method of exporting data for Candidates/Contacts/Companies/Job records is the same for all! See below the lists that can be exported into a CSV

Exporting from the List Pages

  • Go to list view on the desired record

  • Select a desired list that you want to export

  • Click on the "Export to CSV" button

  • Choose fields that you want to have in the exported sheet

  • Hit the "Export to CSV" button to download the file

The GIF below explains how you can export selected candidates/contacts to CSV/Excel. 

Exporting data from Reports

1. Go to the Reports section and choose a report you want to export.

Reports in Recruit CRM:

2. Select parameters and generate the report- KPIs, time frame, teammates, etc.

3. Once the report is ready, click on the "Export Report to CSV" button.

4. You can also export the data within each bar that opens up to a List Page of records.

To export the whole list under each bar, simply click on the 'Export to CSV' button.

To export specific data under each bar, you can run an Advanced Search and then click on the 'Export' button to export the result.

That's all!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the messenger icon from your bottom right. The blue one :)

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