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Using candidate summary template
Using candidate summary template

A quick guide on how to create templates for candidate summaries

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You can create and use candidate summary placeholders to make writing candidate summaries more efficient. Here is how you can do that:

Creating the summary template 📋

1. Navigate to the Candidate fields in your Admin settings and click on the "New Candidate Summary Template" button.

Please note: You can create 10 templates on the Business plan and 1 template on the Pro plan.

2. Give a name for your template and use the placeholders to fetch information from candidate fields to the template. You can easily write the outline summary of the candidate with the help of the placeholders.

3. You can also designate a template as 'Default' for candidate summaries. To do that, simply click on the three dots located beside the template name, then select the 'Set as Default' option from the menu.

By selecting a default template, the system will automatically generate a candidate summary using the predefined template whenever a new candidate is added from any source, whether by manual entry or resume parsing.

The default candidate summary will only be applied to new candidates added to the system. For existing candidates, you will need to manually update the candidate summary to the default option.

Generating candidate summaries using templates

Here's how you can use the summary template to generate candidate summaries while adding or editing candidates.

1. Add a candidate or open an existing candidate's profile and click on the pencil icon.

2. Navigate to the candidate summary module >> click on the dropdown to select the template.

3. Confirm the changes and hit the 'Submit' button.

4. To view the candidate summary, make sure you add the summary field on the profile page.

5. Click on the file icon on the summary field to view the summary file.

Hope this helps!

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