Adding Call logs

This article will help you understand how to log call on Recruit CRM

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Never forget what you or your teammates talked about on a call.

Step 1 - Open any record.

Step 2 - Click on the call log icon to add a call log.

Step 3 - Add Details & Click on Submit to save

 Adding a call log helps you to keep track of the no. of times you tried to reach a person via a phone call.

To add a call log, 

Click on the New button on the top right of the screen. Then click on the Call log, a form will appear on the right of the screen. On filing the details, Click on add and the call log will be added.

While adding through this method, you'll have to fill the 'Related to' field yourself whereas, in the previous method it is auto-filled.

Note: By default, all administrators and account owners have the ability to access and delete call logs. On the other hand, team members can only delete call records for which they are the designated owner.

Also, make sure that you use the Call Notes to write down the highlights of the conversation to make the most of the feature.


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