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Use the native dialer to call from the system
Use the native dialer to call from the system

Learn how to use the native dialer functionality to make calls from Recruit CRM but using your own calling system.

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Here's how you can directly call your candidates or contacts using your native dialer like Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc.

📞 Calling using the native dialer in Recruit CRM

1. Please open any candidate or contact profile within your system, locate their phone number, and click on the "open native caller" button:

2. Once you click this option, your browser will give you a pop-up asking you to open the native caller application that you have set as default in your computer settings:

After clicking on "open" or any other calling system, you will be redirected out of Recruit CRM and taken to your computer's default calling system to lead the call there.

🔁 Changing the default native dialer of your computer

🤳 Using the native caller from the Recruit CRM phone app

If you want to call your candidates or contacts using the native phone caller from your phone number, you can simply follow the steps below:

1. Open any candidate or contact profile in the Recruit CRM app on your phone and click on the "phone" button.

2. Click on the "open native dialer" button at the bottom of your phone screen.

3. Your phone will redirect you to the calling window in your phone.

Now you can start calling your candidates or contacts from wherever you like.

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Hope this helps! 😄

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