A large part of your work every day involves scheduling meetings with your Candidates to screen them, talking to Clients to understand exactly what they're looking for, or simply scheduling an interview between a Candidate and a Client.

Scheduling a Meeting option is available on the profile of any entity, be it Candidate, Contact, Company, or Job. This icon resembles scheduling a meeting, wherever you see it.

Scheduling a Meeting and Notifying attendees is easy with Recruit CRM.

To create a new meeting:

  • Go to the candidate's profile

  • You can schedule a Meeting in 2 ways on the same page. One is through the Right chart panel and another one is under the Assigned Jobs, beside the jobs you have assigned them to (shown below):

  • Click on the Schedule Meeting button

  • Fill in all the required information on the meeting card

  • Don't forget to click the "Add" button to create a meeting

You can also send an email with the Interview confirmation card, it is optional.

Meeting Card:

Another way to schedule a Meeting / Interview:

  • Go to a specific job

  • Scroll down till you find the list of candidates

  • Look for a candidate that is in the hiring stage

  • Click on the Schedule Meeting button on the candidate card

Description of meeting form:

Title: The title of the meeting.

Where: You can enter the location/address of the meeting.

Starting On: The meeting date

Start Time: Set the start time of the meeting.
End Time: Set the end time of the meeting.

Related to: The Candidate, Contact, or a Job this meeting is related to.

Attendees: People who will be attending the meeting (Candidate, Contact, User)

Description: You can enter here the purpose of the meeting and other details which you would like to mention.

By clicking the Add button, a meeting will be created and all attendees will get an email with the meeting details.

Note: You can also schedule a meeting by clicking on the Green Plus icon at the top right-hand corner on every page.

I hope this helped!

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