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Generating Microsoft Teams link while setting up meetings in Recruit CRM
Generating Microsoft Teams link while setting up meetings in Recruit CRM

Schedule Microsoft Teams meetings directly from the system.

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Streamline the process of scheduling meetings in Recruit CRM by sharing Microsoft Teams links while adding or updating meetings within the app.

Integrating Microsoft Teams with Recruit CRM

The first step is to integrate your Microsoft Teams account with Recruit CRM.

Here's how you can do this:

1. Go to the calendar settings inside your profile:

Please make sure you have your calendar connected with Recruit CRM.

2. Scroll down until you see the “Microsoft Teams Meet Integration” and click on the “Connect” button.

3. Select the desired account to connect with and allow the necessary access.

The integration only works with organizational Microsoft accounts. If you choose a personal account, the Teams meeting link will not be generated and the system will return an error.

Generating Microsoft Teams links while creating meetings

1. Go to any candidate or contact that you want to schedule a meeting with, and click on "Add Meeting".

You can also schedule a meeting from the Tasks and Meetings page.

2. Choose the meeting type as "Connect Microsoft Teams Link” in the “where” section.

You will see the generated link under the “where” section or in the meeting description box with a default message (you can still add a description).

You can also join the meeting directly by clicking on the link.

3. Once you click on the “Add” meeting button, the system will generate the confirmation email with the meeting details, the link, and the description that you choose to send out to the candidate/contact.

4. You can also generate the Microsoft Teams link while adding a meeting from the Chrome extension.

The candidate/contact will then receive the confirmation email and they can join the meeting right from their mailbox.

To ensure security and access control, web authentication is required for recruiters using the Mobile app and the Chrome extension to create Microsoft Teams meeting links.

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