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Editing an invoice

This article will you you with with incorrect/updated invoice values within Recruit CRM

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Sometimes the number/amount you put on the invoice the first time needs to be updated, so let's get started.

Although there isn't yet a direct way to edit invoices, the below steps will show you how you can work around this.

1. Go to Placements and Billing, and choose the invoice you wish to change.

2. Click on the candidate name.

​This will redirect you to the candidate profile; then

3. Once on the candidate profile, scroll down under the Assigned Jobs section and select the job beside which the candidate is 'Placed' and Unassign Candidate from the cross icon on the right as shown below.​

4. Once this has been done, Reload the page and assign the candidate to the job again with the Assign to Job button:

Choose the job:

5. Once assigned, directly move the candidate to the 'Placed' stage and follow the standard invoice generation process. Here's a quick video on how you'd do this:

I hope this helps!

For any follow-up questions, use the blue chatbox on the bottom right corner to get in touch with us.

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