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Generating an invoice

Generating an invoice for a candidate you have placed.

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Recruit CRM gives you the ability to manage the complete lifecycle of a candidate on a single platform, starting from sourcing a candidate to tracking invoices raised to the client.

Generating invoices in Recruit CRM is easy!

The first step to generating an invoice is to move your candidates to the "Placed" hiring stage. Here's how you can do this:

Changing the candidate hiring stage to "Placed"

1. Go to the job to which the candidate is assigned.

2. Scroll down to the candidate pipeline for the job and change the target candidate's hiring stage to “Placed”.

Once your candidate has finally been placed, it's time to send an invoice to your client to get paid for all your hard work.

Generating invoices for "Placed" candidates

Head over to Placements & Billing, here you will see all placed candidates that haven't been billed yet.

  • Click on Begin Billing to initiate the billing process.

  • Fill in the details.

  • Click on "Add" to generate the invoice.

Now, you can view your invoice here by clicking on "view invoice" and change the status of your invoice to "paid", if the payment is made.

The invoice template we have is still very basic and should generally only be used for internal tracking.

Editing an invoice

To edit an invoice, you have to remove the original invoice and add a new one.

This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of editing invoices.

Customizing invoices

Here's a quick guide to help you customize the branding and content on your invoices.

Hope this helps :)

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