Receiving Feedback From Clients

Share Candidates assigned to a job with contacts through a link and receive feedback online.

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Recruit CRM lets you submit candidates to your clients/hiring managers and receive feedback from them.

The link you share with the clients will include information about the candidates you made visible and also the space to quickly write feedback and change the hiring stage (that you chose to "Let Client Use") for each candidate.

To submit candidates:

Go to jobs --> Choose the job that you want to share with the client --> In the job details page click on Submit Candidate (Green) button.

Note: If you are not able to see the "Submit Candidates" button, you need to click on "Deactivate Submit Candidate link" first.

You need to set the visibility of candidates to ON for client to see the details.

Moreover, you can set the visibility to ON/OFF in bulk from inside the job.

Click on "Set Visibility for All Candidates" to change the visibility of all candidates to either ON or OFF.

You can also set the visibility of candidates inside each hiring stage by just clicking on the Hiring Stage name.

Upon clicking the "Submit Candidates" button, a link will be shared with the assigned contacts to that company through email.

The interviewer will see something like this:

The interviewer will only see the fields that you have chosen from here.

The Interviewer will have access to the Hiring Stages that you give them access to from here.

You need to tick the checkbox against the hiring stage that you want client have access to.

When the client will review the candidates, they will have a drop-down menu in Hiring Stage like this:

The interviewer can select the status and share it with the recruiter with a click of a button.

Recruiter will get a notification inside Recruit CRM notification tab.

That's about it!

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