Improve your email marketing strategy by building the right contact list! Recruit CRM helps you do this by giving you the option to include an unsubscribe link within your email, that allows the candidates/contacts to opt-out of further emails from you. You can also manually remove candidates/contacts from your email list.

1 How to include the unsubscribe link in the emails sent to candidates and contacts:

You can include the unsubscribe link on bulk/mass and individual emails sent through Recruit CRM. All you need to do is tick the "Include opt-out/unsubscribe link" box on the top right after composing the email!

This will include the link to unsubscribe on the email sent. The candidate/contact can simply click and unsubscribe from your emails:

[video-to-gif output image]

Once a particular candidate/contact "Opts-out/unsubscribes" from your email their profiles in Recruit CRM will have the following label:

All candidates/contacts marked opted out or unsubscribed will automatically be skipped while sending mass/bulk emails, you don't need to worry about this while selecting records and sending bulk emails.

You can also customize the text on the button included or translate it from: Admin Settings> Email Opt Out Settings:

2. How to manually remove a candidate/contact from your email list

Apart from giving the candidates/contacts the option to unsubscribe, you can also manually remove them from your email list.

To "opt a candidate out from emails":

  1. Click on the three dots on the top-right of the candidate/contact profile and now select the "Opt-out of email" option.

2. Click on the green "Yes, opt them out" button in the pop-up menu:

3. Enabling email communication with a candidate/contact that has unsubscribed/has been opted-out from emails:

You'll need to remove the unsubscribe/opt-out tag to be able to send emails to a candidate/contact that has unsubscribed or has been opted-out from emails. To disable unsubscribe/opt-out emails setting:

  1. Click on the "Remove opt-out from all emails" button or click on the candidate/contact's email

2. In the pop-menu confirm that you want to enable email communication with candidate/contact:

Once this is done the candidate/contact will be removed from the unsubscribe/opt-out from emails list and you can now send them emails again!

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