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How to add collaborators on notes, call logs, tasks, and meetings
How to add collaborators on notes, call logs, tasks, and meetings

Add your team members as activity collaborators to keep a track of the performance.

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Adding Collaborators: 101

1. You will find the "Collaborator" field while adding a note, task, call log, or meeting wherein you can add your teammates or teams (for business plan users) to collaborate.

If you're part of a team (on the business plan), the collaborator field, by default, is auto-populated by your team(s) name.

2. You can choose to remove all the team/teammates from the collaborators' field by clicking on the "X" icon on the team/teammate card.

3. You can also add collaborators to the activities while performing the actions from the Chrome extension.

Collaborator Notifications: Keeping Everyone in the Loop

The selected team members will receive an email notification letting them know they’ve been added as collaborators. They might need to mark this email as "Not Spam" the first time so that all future emails show up right in the inbox.

If a "Team" is added in the collaborator section in any activities, the team members of that said team will not get email notifications. Only the teammates who are added as collaborators directly will get an email notification.

Reporting on Collaborators: Analyzing Impact and Insights

Along with the user performing the action, you can track your collaborators' (only the teams) performance in the reports section, under the team performance report.

The activities (notes, call logs, tasks, and meetings added) are generated based on "Created By" (user performing the action), and "Teams" that have been explicitly added in any activity as collaborators.

Thus, if a "team" is added as a collaborator on an activity, the same will reflect on the team's statistics in reports.

However, it is important to note, that if a "teammate" is directly added as a collaborator, the same will not be reflected in their statistics on the Team Performance Report.

Hope this helps :)

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