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Adding Files & Creating Folders

Add files related to any candidate, job or client.

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Recruit CRM gives you space to store files related to any record in the database. These files can include Job Descriptions, Recommendations, Additional details about a candidate, and A client's ideal candidate profile. Keep in mind that individual file sizes cannot be more than 8 MB.

1. Go to the details page of any record (The image below is of a candidate's details page)-> click on files on the right side of the page.

2. Click on choose file -> select the file you want to upload -> click upload -> That's it!
You can also just drag & drop the file.

You can also create Folders in the Files sections and upload the files into various folders. To do this, click on "Create New Folder" :

Now in the pop-up menu, give a name for your folder, and hit save. Now you can click and upload or drag and drop files into your folder!

Note: On our business plan you can also create custom roles with Restricted access to the files section. Click here to learn more about Custom Roles.

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