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Enable Browser Setting To Make The Chrome Extension Work?
Enable Browser Setting To Make The Chrome Extension Work?

Chrome Extension Is Not Working? Keeps Telling Me To Login Or Signup!

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If you're having problems with our chrome extension, it is most likely because third party cookies are not enabled on your chrome browser.

How to enable them?

Step 1 - Open Google Chrome

Step 2 - Open Settings by clicking on three small dots right next your avatar

Step 3 - Click On Settings

Step 4 - Type Cookies In The SearchBar, Hit Enter & Click On Content Settings

Step 5 - Click On Cookies

Step 6 - If the switch is set to "ON" turn if "OFF". By turning if "OFF", you allow Google Chrome to use third party cookies.

If it is OFF, don't do anything, please keep it OFF. You might be having some other problem, message us by using the chat icon on the bottom right and let us know that this article didn't help!

Look at the GIF below to see what to do:

That's It!
Your chrome extension should start working now!

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