Note - This is a comprehensive list of what we plan to build in 2020! We will certainly be working on many other features & integrations along the way based on what our customers (you 😉) want.

Premium/Paid Job Boards: The ability to buy Ads on over 2000+ job boards across the world right within Recruit CRM (September 2020)

Launch Mobile Apps: We will launch both an iPhone & Android app to make it easier for you to use Recruit CRM on the go (Early October 2020)

Advanced Team Management: We will let you create multiple different teams and managers within your organization to enable more sophisticated team management for customers with over 20 recruitment consultants (October 2020)

Voice Calling & Recording: You will be able to make calls to landlines and cellphones using Recruit CRM and these calls can be recorded (If you’d like) to be used for performance management and self-reflection. (October 2020)

CV/Resume Formatting Tool: Create a template with your logo & watermark and create a formatted version of a candidates resume/CV in your database in seconds. (December 2020)

Drip Email Campaigns: Create email sequences that will help you keep passive candidates warm & prospect potential clients with an active cadence of emails.

Deeper LinkedIn Integration: You will be able to search & view Linkedin profiles from within Recruit CRM and save candidates directly to your database.

SMS/Texting Integration: You will be able to send SMS/Text messages to multiple candidates with the click of a button or set automated messages that go out after specific activities (Like a job interview being scheduled) 

Recurring Invoicing For Contract Staff Management: This will auto-create invoices for billing that you set as “Recurring”

Payroll Integration (Region Specific): We will be integrating with payroll vendors across the world to support customers across the world

More Features & Integrations: We will also build more features and integrations based on what a majority of our users want.

Features That Have Already Gone Live :)

Open API

Zapier Integration: With Zapier, you will be able to connect Recruit CRM to 1000+ apps.

Job Board Posting: We'll be integrating with a lot of free job boards to help you advertise your jobs. (We currently only support Neuvoo but will be adding support to another 10 job 

Radius Search: Search for candidates, contacts & jobs within a specific distance of a zip code or address. 

Chrome Widget to capture candidates from browser: This will let you store candidates you find online directly into you Recruit CRM Database. 

Chrome Extension 2.0: We will extend the chrome extension to also support  popular websites like Zoom Info, Xing etc  (May 20)

KPI Based Dashboard/Reports: Gain an insight into how your business is running with information about how many emails, calls, new candidates, successful placements a teammate has made. You can also take a deep dive in these reports and see the actual notes added/call logs made. This will let you analyze how your teammates are performing and give you numbers that you can hold people accountable to.

Boolean Search: Now you can Use powerful Boolean Operators like AND, OR & NOT to search through all the CV's/Resumes in your database for specific keywords.

Email Open Tracking: Get a notification every time a candidate or client opens an email you send them.

Merging Duplicate Candidates: Now, Every time anyone in your company adds a candidate or parses a resume, Recruit CRM check if a candidate with the same email ID, phone number OR LinkedIn URL exists in your database. If a records already exists, we simply update that record instead of creating a duplicate.

Hotlists & Talent Pools: To quickly tag and share candidates/contacts with teammates and get more done faster!

Data Field Customization: Account Admins will be able to choose which fields in Recruit CRM they want to keep & which fields are required while adding & updating records. 

Workflow Automation/Triggers: trigger event based actions like sending candidates a acceptance email on receiving an application or a rejection email when they don't qualify for a job. 

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