As someone actually working at a recruitment business, you probably know what we need to build into Recruit CRM better than we do, We get this!

We've built a way for you to not only see the updates that are coming but also make your own feature requests on our Roadmap and vote on feature requests made by other users.

Once a request receives roughly 30 votes, our development team takes a look and adds it to our roadmap

Here's how you can put in a feature request or check on the existing ones for you to vote on 😊

  1. Login to your Recruit CRM

  2. Click on your profile picture on the top right corner and click on Give us Feedback which will redirect you to our Product Roadmap:

  3. Once on our Roadmap, you can either click on Feature Requests as shown in the below image to get all the feature requests or can go through the columns to know which features are Under Review, Planned, or In Progress:

Under Review - when you put in the feature request

Planned - The development team has accepted the feature request to put it further into the sprint

In progress - Development team has started working on the request and should be available in the next quarter

Important Note: The feature requests on the roadmap are based on the development sprint we follow, so the timeline for the deployment and availability of the feature may vary based on priority.

Hope this helped!

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