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EEO Compliance

EEO Compliance explanation

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Hey there! Just in case you are wondering if Recruit CRM helps you be EEO compliant. Yes, Recruit CRM allows you to be EEO compliant.

While creating an account we allow you to choose whether to activate or deactivate EEO Compliance.  If you wish to change it later, which we suppose is why you are reading this! Let’s get to changing your EEO Compliance settings:

Go to the admin setting which is located on the left side → account (click on it to go there directly) → On the account page, you can see your details & a toggle button to change EEO Compliance settings. Click on the button to activate or deactivate the setting.

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But how does EEO Compliance work in Recruit CRM?

It’s really simple! When you activate it, fields like gender, and age, become invisible and if you are adding a candidate you won’t be able to add his gender or age, and if you are viewing his details you won’t be able to see his gender or age. Just the way it's supposed to be!

That’s all! If you have any more questions,  You can message us anytime, we will be more than happy to help you!

Happy Recruiting!

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