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Where do I find my subscription Invoice?
Where do I find my subscription Invoice?

This article will help you download all your Recruit CRM subscription invoices

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You can find all your Recruit CRM subscription invoices in one place.

Important Note: Only "Account Owners" have access to the "Plans & Billing" section. You can check your account owner inside Admin Settings > Account.

You can also grant this access to users on custom roles on the business plan.

To download all your subscription invoices/receipts, go to Admin Settings --> Plans & Billing and click on "Invoice History" on the left-hand side.

You can check your current/active payment method from here. You can also change the card details on file at any time in the future.

Note: Recruit CRM does not directly store any of your card information in our database. Everything is stored with our billing partner, Stripe.

On the top of the payment method's page, you will be able to see the Active/current card and also add a new card.

Need VAT/Tax ID on your Recruit CRM subscription invoices?

Update your billing information here, this information will appear on all your future invoices.

Happy Recruiting :)

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