A large part of your work everyday involves scheduling meeting with your candidates to screen them, Talking to clients to understand exactly what they're looking for or simply scheduling an interview between a candidate and a client.

Scheduling Meeting and Notifying attendees is easy with Recruit CRM. To create a new appointment:

Click on new button on the top-right side -> select Appointment from the menu -> in the appointment form -> fill the details according to your requirements -> click on add -> Appointment Scheduled!

You can send an email about the appointment, it is optional.

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There is one more way to schedule appointments.

  1. Click on any candidate
  2. Check under "Assigned Open Jobs"
  3. If a candidate has any jobs assigned, you can click on "Schedule Appointment" button to schedule an appointment instantly.

Description of appointment form:

: The title for appointment.

Related to: The Candidate, Contact or Job this appointment is related to.

Attendees: People who will be attending the appointment.

All Day: Yes only if is a day long event.

From: Set the starting date and time of an appointment.
To: Set the ending date and time of an appointment.

Where: You can enter the location/address of the appointment.

Description: You can enter here the purpose of the appointment and other details which you would like to mention.

By clicking on add, an appointment will be created and all attendees will get an email with the appointment details.

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