Posting different open jobs from within Recruit CRM to your Total Jobs feed can now be automated in 2 simple steps!

Step 1:

Go to Admin Settings >>>> External Job Boards

Step 2:

Click on connect and enter the username and password which is registered with Total Jobs and hit save.

Quick note: The jobs will only be posted on the External Job Boards (Total Jobs) if the requirements below are satisfied:

1. You have to make sure you have selected the "Post on Job Boards" box inside Job Fields in Admin settings. This will post your open jobs not only to the free job boards but other external job boards (such as Total Jobs) too.

Here's how you can turn job posting ON:

If you turn ON this setting in Recruit CRM, it will automatically post all your open jobs on our partner job boards for free :) (You can see all the job boards here)

2. While creating a new job or editing an old one that you want to post on Total Jobs, you need to fill all the fields that are required to post jobs on the job boards.

The required fields and specifications are:

- There should be a Job description for the Job

- The City, State, and Country fields must be filled in.

- Enable job application box should be checked

- Notes for candidates should be filled in

Once you fill all the necessary details and hit "Save Job", the job will automatically be posted to Total Jobs.

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