How to get your jobs in Recruit CRM to show up on your LinkedIn Page

This article will help you connect your jobs posted on Recruit CRM to LinkedIn

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Looking for a quick solution to link your job postings in Recruit CRM with LinkedIn? You can automate job postings on LinkedIn using a self-built XML feed, at no additional cost.

By default, only the account owners and admins can create XML feeds. And, you can also grant access to build XML feed to users on custom roles.

Build your own XML feed for LinkedIn with these easy steps:

1. Head over to the Admin Settings >> Job Settings >> Build Job Feed XML >> click on the "Create Your XML Feed" button to get started.

2. Add a name to your feed to identify the feed and to track candidates as it also serves as the 'Source' of the applicants applying from the job board. Thus, an ideal name would be "LinkedIn."

3. Navigate to the example feed and locate the static part, which encompasses the feed's format, structure, and type. Paste this static component (copy the template shared below) into the header section of your feed.

Click here to access the LinkedIn XML feed header template

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<publisher>Recruit CRM</publisher>

4. Add the XML body (copy the template shared below) which is the main content of the XML feed as it contains the actual job posting details.

Click here to access the LinkedIn XML feed body template

<location><![CDATA[{job_city}, {job_state}, {job_country}]]></location>

The following fields must be included on the Basic Jobs XML feed for the jobs to be valid for posting on LinkedIn:

Job ID - the unique Job ID in Recruit CRM

Company Name

Job Title

Job Description

Location String

Apply URL - URL to which candidates are directed to apply

LinkedIn Company ID - Your company ID on LinkedIn (found in the Admin URL for the LinkedIn Page)

How to find your company ID on LinkedIn

Option 1 - You can find the Company ID in the URL of the search results page when you search for your Company Name on the Company dropdown.

Option 2 - You can also find the Company ID in the URL of the search results page when you click on See all jobs on your LinkedIn Page.

The Company ID is the string of numbers, usually 6 to 9 digits long, that is unique to your company, and is displayed after 'f_C=<numeric value>& in the URL.

URL to find Company ID

Criteria to push the jobs to the XML feed

  • The job application form should be enabled;

  • The Updated On date should be within the last 30 days;

  • All the fields where you see the message "Required To Post On Partner Job Boards" (City, State, Country, Maximum Salary, Job Description, Currency, Salary Type) need to have a value;

  • 'Note for candidates' should be filled in (only if the Job Description is uploaded as a file);

  • The job status should not be 'closed', 'on hold' or 'cancelled';

  • Select "LinkedIn" under the XML Feeds section ⬇️⬇️⬇️

You have the ability to selectively push job postings to specific XML feeds.

While adding/editing a job, you'll get an option to select the XML feeds from both the default and custom XML feeds that you have built, provided the 'Post on Job Board' option is enabled from the Job Fields settings.

Make sure to select "LinkedIn" to get your jobs posted on the correct XML Feed.

Once the XML is created and the jobs appear on it, you can share the XML feed URL that you have created with your point of contact at LinkedIn to proceed.

While Recruit CRM has the requirements mentioned above for pushing jobs to the XML feed, job boards may have additional mandatory fields such as 'Company ID'. If such fields are not available in Recruit CRM by default, you can create a custom field and input the necessary values in the relevant format to ensure they appear correctly in your XML feed.

Hope this helps :)

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