In Recruit CRM we give you the ability to hide all email communication with specific Candidates/ Contacts of your choice from the rest of your team by making their email IDs confidential.

(Note: Only users on Admins and Account Owners can Blacklist email IDs)

Once add the email ID of a Candidate/Contact to the list of Confidential mails all email communication with them will be hidden from the "Related Emails" tab and in the "Sent Email Conversations" KPI in "Team Performance Reports" and will be visible only in your personal mailbox within RecruitCRM.

Note: Making an email ID confidential is account-specific. All email communication with them by any user on your account will be hidden from the rest of the users.

To blacklist a specific email ID:

  1. Click on your Profile icon and go to your Email Settings

  2. Switch to the "Blacklist Emails" tab

  3. Now click on the green "Add to Blacklist" button

  4. In the following pop-up menu, you can type in the name or email ID of the Candidate/Contact.

  5. Select the email ID of the Candidate/ Contact you wish to blacklist and hit "Save"

Once you blacklist the email ID of a specific candidate/contact you will see the following message under the "Related Emails" tab of that profile:

You will also see a "Blacklisted" tag for their email communication inside your mailbox and in the "Team Performance Report":

The contents of the email will be hidden from your team under the "Sent Email Conversations" KPI under "Team Performance Report" as seen below:

To Unblacklist/ remove an email ID from the list of Confidential email IDs:

  1. Click on your Profile icon and click on Email Settings.

  2. Switch to the "Blacklist Emails" tab

  3. You'll find a "Remove from Blacklist" button next to the email IDs that are blaclklisted.

3. You can search for the blacklisted email id from the search bar. Now click on the "Remove from Blacklist" button next to the email ID that you wish to unblacklist.

4. This will successfully Remove the email ID from the blacklist!

Feel free to reach out to us using the blue chatbot on the bottom-right of your screen if you have more questions :)

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