Adding Licenses/Seats

This article will help you add additional licenses or seats to your current plan and invite teammates to join your Recruit CRM Account.

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Important Note: This process can only be done by the "Account Owner" of this account. You can check who this is from Admin Settings --> Account

First, go to the Plans & Billing section in Admin Settings:

  1. Click on "Edit Current Plan" button

  2. Select the total number of licenses that you wish to have.

  3. Choose your Billing Cycle (Monthly/Annual)

  4. Check the Bill Summary and hit "Proceed to Checkout"

  5. You'll only be charged for the additional seats for the remaining part of your billing cycle.

Once this is done, you need to go to Users in Admin Settings to invite teammates.

Hope this helps!

Happy Recruiting 😊

PS: You can always use the chat icon on the bottom right to send us any questions you have.

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