Note: Records cannot be recovered once deleted. Please be careful while deleting records.

The method for deleting candidates, companies, contacts & jobs is the same.

For example, we will talk about deleting candidate for now.

You can delete any candidate from Recruit CRM as long as that candidate is not assigned to a job. 

To do this:

Go to candidates from left side bar -> inside the candidates page -> choose the candidate which you want to delete  -> click on the Delete Button to delete the candidate -> candidate is deleted!

Bulk delete:
You can also delete multiple records at a time.

  1. Click on the check-box besides the column header ("Candidate Name" in this case) and all the records will get selected.
  2. You will get an option of Delete on the header names.
  3. Click on the trash icon and all the contacts will get deleted.

Things to know:

Only admin can delete the candidates. Recruiters do not have the permission to delete a candidate.

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