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Deleting records (Candidates, companies, contacts & jobs)
Deleting records (Candidates, companies, contacts & jobs)

Delete any record in Recruit CRM with just a few clicks.

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Please note that only the Account Owner and Admins can delete records, by default. Team members do not have permission to delete it.

Records once deleted cannot be recovered. Please be careful while deleting records.

How to delete individual records in Recruit CRM?

1. Navigate to the profile of the Job/Candidate/Contact/Company you want to delete.

2. Click on the ellipses located at the top right of the profile and select 'Delete'.

3. A pop-up for confirmation will show up wherein you will need to enter the number of records you are deleting and click on 'Delete'.

How to delete records in bulk?

1. Navigate to the Candidates/Contacts/Companies/Jobs list page.

2. Click on the checkbox on the extreme left of the list and select the records you want to delete. You can also select all the records on the page using the checkbox beside the column header and you can use the 'Select 1000 records' button to select 1000 records at a time.

3. Once you select the records, hit the trash icon to delete those records.

4. A confirmation message will pop up wherein you need to enter the number of records to be deleted and hit 'Delete'.

Please note that the method for deleting records is the same for all the entities.

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