It's always a struggle to find the right job boards to post your jobs to that will get you the applications you need to fill the positions quickly.

Recruit CRM tries to help by letting you Sponsor your jobs on multiple job boards directly from the system.

Sponsoring your open jobs on premium job boards is now easy. Any of your team members can create a campaign, and the account owner (who puts their credit/debit card) can pay for the campaign and make it live.

You can use our "Premium Job Board Posting" feature to post the jobs on the job boards of your choice.

Note: Only the Account Owner can create campaigns. On our Business plan, you can also create Custom Roles with access to this.

Follow the below-given steps to sponsor the job:

Step 1: Go to Admin Settings and click on Premium Job Board Posting

Step 2: Click on the "New Campaign" button

Step 3: Choose a job from Recruit CRM that you wish to sponsor and name the campaign (default name will be the same as job name)

Step 4: Fill in all the information that is required for the job board

Step 5: Choose a job board that you wish to post a job to. we'll give you recommendations, but you can also choose your own job boards from the "All Channels" tab

Step 6: Review your details and hit "Save and Continue" to proceed

Step 7: Put your credit/debit card details and click on "Make Payment" to sponsor your ad on the selected job boards.

Step 8: Once the payment is successful, you'll get a payment confirmation

Step 9: You can track all the activities related to a job post and download the invoice from here

That's it!

For more information, click here to see the video.

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