Recruit CRM is extremely customizable.
In this post we go over how you can hide or show specific fields in the system:

We will use the Candidate form as an example today. The process is same for Companies, Contacts, & Jobs.

Note: Only users with the "Admin" role are allowed to customize the system

Step 1: Go to admin settings.

Step 2: Under Data Customization, click on Candidates Fields

Step 3: You can customize your Candidate Form by changing toggle switches and checkboxes.

Understanding what Visibility, Required, & Custom Field is.

As marked,

a. Visibility: Toggling this switch to hide/show the fields in the form.

b. Required: If this box is ticked, the form will not be saved unless and until this field is filled.

c. Custom Field: Add your custom field like "Agency Fees" for example. 

Step 4: Scroll down and save your changes.

That's all. 

You can check these changes by adding a new candidate.

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