If things are not happening in a traditional way, try a hack to make it work and 99% of the times it works ;)

So here's a hack to connect your POP/IMAP email to Recruit CRM using Microsoft Outlook. 

You need to follow the steps below:

1. Go to https://signup.live.com and create a Microsoft account using your official email address. 

2. Once your account is created, go to https://login.live.com and login to the account that you've just created and go to https://outlook.live.com 

3. Once you login to Outlook web, go to Settings and in settings go to Sync Email and follow the steps below
PS: Make sure you select the second option while importing emails in Outlook

Make sure you select the POP settings as below

4. If you connect your email to Outlook using this method, you need to choose your actual email id from the drop-down so that it will set the default from address to your regular email instead of a random outlook email address.

5. This is the last step to get all your emails in Recruit CRM. Login to https://app.recruitcrm.io go to Email settings and follow the steps below.
PS: Make sure you select Outlook email in email settings

I know it's a long process but, as they say, All's good if the end's good, right? ;)

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