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Adding Collaborators To Jobs and Tasks
Adding Collaborators To Jobs and Tasks

Have multiple Recruiters/Consultants work together on a new Project/Search

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It is easy to work together with your teammates on Jobs with our Collaborator feature. 

Before trying to add a collaborator to a job, make sure that your teammates are already on Recruit CRM. If your teammates are not on Recruit CRM yet, you can invite teammates to join in a few seconds.

You can add collaborators on both Tasks and Jobs.

  1. Adding a collaborator to a Task:

You can add collaborators to existing tasks or while creating a new task.

Images below:

A. Adding collaborators to an existing task:

Click on Tasks and Appointments on the left bar. Select Tasks from the top right drop-down and a list of existing tasks will show up. 

Click on the pencil icon to the extreme right of any task to open the editor. A task form will open, Click on the collaborator section and type the first few letters in the name of the teammate you want to add. Click Update & you're done.

B. Adding a collaborator to a new task.

Go to Tasks and Appointments and click on the "Add Task" button to create a new task.

This will open up a form, and add the person who will work with you as a collaborator on the task.

You can also add Tasks by clicking on the " + " button on the top right of your screen.

2) Adding collaborator on Jobs:

Go to Jobs - Click on a Specific Job - Choose the edit option (click on the pencil icon on the extreme right) - Go to the Collaborators field and type the first few letters in the name of the teammate you want to add.

Images below:

Once you're done, your teammates will get in-app and email notifications. 

That's it! You're good to go now :)

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