Recruit CRM lets you submit candidates to your clients/hiring managers and receive interview feedback from them.

The Link you send clients will include information about all candidates you have assigned to a job and give them space to quickly write feedback on for each candidate.

To submit candidates: Go to jobs -> in the jobs page choose the job (Eg - Marketing, Sales, Business Development) -> click on the job which you want -> In the job details page click on submit candidate button on the assigned candidate bar.

Moreover, you can click on "view all" and change the visibility of candidates you want to share with your client.

Upon clicking on "submit candidates" a link will be shared with the assigned contacts to that company through email.

The interviewer will see the following page:

The button will have dropdown menu like this:

The interviewer can select the status and share it with the recruiter with a click of a button. That's it :) 

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